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Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing
What we are witnessing today of the information and communication technology revolution, and changes in the technologies of remote communication or using the Internet, have led to rapid transformations at all levels and global and local economies.

And a great development of the knowledge society, and these transformations have helped in the emergence of new patterns in business management, and the emergence of what is known as electronic commerce, smart markets, and imaginary and virtual companies.

Internet Marketing Concept
It is not possible to define a clear and precise meaning of the concept of Internet marketing, as the concepts are numerous and intertwined with other concepts, and it can be said that he took experiences from experts in the field of marketing, and worked to develop new methods and strategies through which we can achieve the desired goals, and it can be defined as:

A new business model that looks at the needs of companies, consumers and merchants; To reduce costs, improve goods and services and increase the speed of service delivery, it also means: Employing information technology to effectively link what is provided by sellers and buyers.

Advantages of Internet Marketing
Ease of obtaining any information about products and services on the Internet, and the possibility of obtaining goods in a short time, which allows the marketer to promote his merchandise and thus transcend the temporal and spatial limits of his presence.

It helps in opening the way for everyone to market their products, services and goods regardless of the nature of the enterprise, whether it is large with large capital or small with limited capital. E-marketing is characterized by its low cost and ease of implementation.

The possibility of using a set of techniques and programs accompanying the e-marketing process in advertising, measuring the degree of success of advertising campaigns and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Internet Marketing Rules
Knowing and identifying customers who are Internet users. Determining the target groups for the company's products and services, determining the markets that are dealt with, as well as defining the target age groups. Determining the types of goods and services that can be provided in the market, to meet the desires and needs of customers.

Knowing and identifying competitors in the market, and identifying the types of products and services they provide. Determine the appropriate way to display the company's products and services. Determining the prices of products and services, determining discounts, and how to pay. The possibility of designing sites that attract visitors to enter them.

Follow up the sites and respond to visitors' inquiries quickly and specifically to create a kind of continuous and effective communication with customers. Making updates and changes to the site. Take advantage of successful websites that attract a large number of visitors. Use simple sites and not complex sites that take a long time to load.

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