Open World PvP Tips And Tricks of New World MMO

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Open World PvP Tips And Tricks of New World MMO

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The vast open world of Aeternum is full of wild animals, zombies, and other nasty creatures that pose a great threat to careless travelers, but nothing can spoil your day more than another skilled player.

PvP is at the heart of The New World, from the massive faction wars to the many skirmishes that break out in each area. It can be a lot of fun for those venturing into PvP, but it's easy to send other players back to the nearest hideout by running towards them without thinking.

Here are some tips and tricks to help players looking to excel in open world PvP in the 'New World'.

Always one step ahead

Like other PvP-heavy MMOs, New World rewards players who can read their opponents' movements. The ability to just spam often leaves one completely helpless in the most important moments. Hence, it is best to think of New Worlds as a fighting game and try to predict your opponents' movements based on the information available.

Always punish mistakes

Look out for favorable opportunities, such as B. when an opponent takes an action or has no more stamina. A good player will always try to take advantage of these favorable situations by pressuring the opponent with weapon skills or heavy blows while trying to recover.

Therefore, try not to create enemies that your opponent can take advantage of. Always keep an eye on your stamina bar and avoid spamming skills or using skills that take a long time to work unless it is safe to do so.

Control of the crowd is crucial

Holding onto enemies is a great way to deal free damage. Weapons like hammers, thin swords, and sword shields have the powerful ability to stun or knock down opponents, giving players the opportunity to hit them with their strongest skills.

Know every class of weapon

If you are familiar with the individual weapon classes, you can predict how your opponent will fight. This will help players decide how to handle a situation and ultimately decide whether it is worth choosing a fight. For more New World guide you can follow


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