WoW Classic: When does the Joyous Journeys XP buff start in TBC?

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WoW Classic: When does the Joyous Journeys XP buff start in TBC?

Beitrag von Jannick » 11.08.2022, 11:02

While we haven't yet received an exact release date for Wrath of the Lich King Classic in World of Warcraft, the release date is inevitably approaching. After all, WotLK Classic, like the new Dragonflight material, is scheduled for release in 2022. Given that WotLK Classic is expected to release sometime before Dragonflight, it's safe to assume we won't have to wait too long for release.

The beta version of the second Warcraft Classic Expansion Pack has also been running for a long time and doesn't seem to have any serious problems. Why is this important now?

The Winds of Wisdom are alive and well in retail
After a brief announcement on Tuesday night, Blizzard reinstated winning Winds of Wisdom in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands as part of Wednesday's weekly server maintenance. Until the start of Season 4 of the Shadowlands, all characters between levels 10 and 59 will receive up to 50% bonus experience from all sources.

More information for anyone interested in retail can be found here.

Have you ever thought about using both retail and classic? The short answer to this question is yes. While it's not 100% certain when Blizzard will unlock which rewards for Classic players, we have a not entirely unfounded suspicion.

When is Joy Ride coming out?
After yesterday's announcement that players will be getting a massive experience bonus starting today in retail stores, Blizzard has appeased the Classic community and shown that they haven't forgotten about them. No further details were originally given. But in reality it wasn't necessary because we already answered the question of what TBC players will get for a month.

In a blue post on the World of Warcraft USA forums, World of Warcraft Community Manager Kevax announced that they want to celebrate the defeat of Kilgadan and the Burning Legion with their fans and prepare for their adventures in Northrend.

The Joyful Voyages global buff is designed to do just that, offering a 50% bonus experience to all characters from all sources during the active period - the same rewards are available in retail stores starting today.

But when does it start? That's the key question, and the blue post mentioned above just gives us a clue. So Joyous Journeys should remain active for about six to eight weeks and a few weeks before 3.4.0. Turn on before patch. Exciting: This buff should be available before the release of WotLK Classic.

From this we can conclude that by the time you see Joyous Journeys in the buff bar it will be around two months before the release of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. The buff should also be available on Blizzard's "Fresh Start Realms" for WotLK Classic to allow for more tiers to be unlocked during the pre-expansion patch. You can also use them during relevant pre-patch events like Zombie Plague or limited-time bosses like Balzafen in Statholm or Tanris Darkblood in Karazhan.

On June 22, 2022, Kaivax speaks of activating the event win "in the coming weeks". While today we only find experience point rewards in retail, the classic can follow anytime on Wednesday. If WotLK Classic comes out in September, as some in the community suspect, the Joyous Journeys XP bonus should be activated within the next four weeks at the latest. And you can buy wotlk classic gold from then.

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Re: WoW Classic: When does the Joyous Journeys XP buff start in TBC?

Beitrag von AimeeHoben » 08.10.2022, 11:17

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Re: WoW Classic: When does the Joyous Journeys XP buff start in TBC?

Beitrag von evelynmurphy » 05.01.2023, 05:14

To enable additional tiers to be unlocked during the pre-expansion patch for WotLK Classic, the bonus should also be accessible on Blizzard's Fresh Start Realms capybara clicker

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Re: WoW Classic: When does the Joyous Journeys XP buff start in TBC?

Beitrag von Mark58555 » 24.01.2023, 20:03

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