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Why keep a task that is slow?

Verfasst: 28.12.2020, 06:15
von Smarthuiyuan
Hey. Everyone is different. Is there actually a"right" way to kill something? In my view, simply hit them with your very best weapon and gear, while fostering! But then again, I've never killed one. Just cancel what is hardest and/or what annoys you. Why keep a task that is slow? I'd cancel Black demons. Heard those are poor. Kalphites are quick and RS gold will get you a few fast slayer points. Not necessarily slayer experience, but nevertheless, it's a fast task.Back to Magic: Twist superheat to level 55, then cast High Alchemy to level 59. Fishing: Catch whatever fish you can in your level. Fly Fishing is the quickest way to train your Fishing, but not the most rewarding. For gain lobsters(at level 40) and Swordfish(at level 50) are greater. Or you could buy some fish to cook. Woodcutting+Firemaking: Chop trees you can in your level and burn the logs that you get. I would suggest sticking to these to level 52. Attack/Strength/Defence/Range: Kill flesh crawlers at the Stronghold of Security. Once you get to a higher level, kill spiders, 1 floor down. Alternately, kill Hill Giants. They shed large bones that are good money.

Helm Lardar:"Second, you appear to have some odd goals for a non-member." Anyone who's confused with Shree Sairam's aims: the stats desired are almost Salmoneus' stats. That is why at first glance they seem so perplexing. To Shree Sairam: If you would like to earn money in Runescape, everything you need to understand how to earn money with abilities (fishing, mining, woodcutting) and to understand that there are money-losing skills (cooking, smithing).

You said you want to create and market mithril collections (6,223 gp) to cheap RuneScape gold But smithing is a money-losing skill. A mithril set needs 13 mithril bars. Or if you prefer, 13 mithril ores and 52 coal. Selling mithril bars, mithril ores, or coal are better money-making than selling mithril complete sets.