How to design a website

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How to design a website

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Website design steps
Having a website for your own business is something that most customers expect to have on the Internet, whether the goal of this website is to: sell products online, or provide information and contact details for the business

Having a website is essential, so the following steps explain how to design a website: Domain name registration: The domain name should reflect the products, or services offered, so that customers can easily find it through the search engine


Preferably this name is the name of the business submitted, and note that this domain name is used to create the email address of the business, to register the domain name you must find an authorized registrar and pay the fee.

Finding a Website Hosting Company: Obtaining a domain name on the Internet requires finding a website hosting company; Most of the major ISPs offer web hosting services, and they can also provide the user with multiple email addresses.

It is worth noting that the monthly fee for web hosting varies based on the size of the website and the number of visits it gets. Preparing the content of the site: When preparing the content, some points must be taken into account; Like the things that customers can see and do on the website

Which helps in knowing the sections or pages to be included in it, and it is necessary to know what information or transactions that customers want; To ensure that the site is organized in such a way that it is easy to find and implement the things that customers need on it

To ensure the quality of the site, it is preferable to hire a specialist to write and organize its content. The good design of the site and its ease of use help distinguish it. The presence of appropriate and appropriate content and images helps customers understand products and services, and makes them feel comfortable.

Website building: The website can be built individually, or by a professional web developer who helps create the site quickly, provide guidance on successful web design, and the site needs to be updated

And ensuring that it is constantly maintained, in addition to making sure that its design is suitable for easy use on
smartphones and other portable devices.

Website Definition
A website or website is defined as a group of linked, publicly available web pages that share a single domain name, and all the websites that collectively make up the World Wide Web

Websites may be created and maintained by an individual, group, or organization to serve a variety of purposes; Such as educational sites, news sites, forums, social networking sites, e-commerce sites, etc.

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Re: How to design a website

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Before designing a website, you need to redefine your strategy and goals. We have one biggest Personal Website Designers in UAE, they offer free consultant services. You can create your website by bringing that information. Even if you are not a coder you will still be able to create a website in some easier frameworks like WordPress. But website designing is not the end of the story.


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