What are China pharmaceutical packaging materials?

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What are China pharmaceutical packaging materials?

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The importance of pharma foil packaging material
The quality and safety of medicines are related to the health of users, so the packaging materials of medicines cannot have a bad influence on the medicinal properties of medicines. Some packaging materials with poor quality are easy to corrode with oxygen and moisture under natural conditions, infecting the safety of medicines and affecting the safety of users. Aluminum foil is a well-known pharmaceutical packaging material. It has good corrosion resistance and ultra-high barrier properties. It is the perfect choice for pharma foil packaging material.
Types of pharma foil packaging
According to the different packaging drugs, there are many different types of aluminum foil, among which common aluminum blister foil, cold forming alu alu foil, tropical aluminum foil,
Aluminum strip foil, medicine pvc pvc/pvdc, each type has different characteristics.
Aluminum blister foil
Aluminium blister foil (also known as Blister Foil/PTP foil/Pharmaceutical foil for PVC heat sealing; often informally called aluminum foil) is aluminum prepared in thin metal leaves with a thickness less than 0.2 mm (7.9 mils)
Cold forming alu alu foil
Cold forming alu alu foil is also called cold-formed blister foil, this foil is composed of nylon, aluminum and PVC, cold-formed foil is cold-stamped, so it is required that the manufacturer must have high-precision stamping equipment to ensure the quality of cold-formed foil to avoid raw materials waste, and a good quality cold-formed foil can ensure safe packaging of the tablet, the cold-formed foil must be strong enough to be stretched and not easy to tear.
Tropical aluminum foil
Tropical Blister Foil is a combination of thermoformed plastic blister and cold-formed composite aluminum foil; blister packs allow for consistent blister size and a slightly wider area around the blister, allowing cold-formed tropical blister laminate to seal with thermoformed blister , make up for the shortcomings of not blocking light and poor water resistance. Tropical blister foil is composed of nylon, aluminum and adhesive. In fact, tropical blister foil is a material that is made of the above three raw materials under a certain temperature and pressure through special equipment .
Aluminum strip foil
Easy-tear aluminum, also known as soft double aluminum, has good steam, oxygen, ultraviolet, and fragrance resistance properties. It is widely used in aluminum and foil strip packing of tablets, capsules, and suppositories.


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