FIFA 21 FUTTIES Investment Guide: Which Pack Should You Choose

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FIFA 21 FUTTIES Investment Guide: Which Pack Should You Choose

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The start of FUTTIES was officially announced on July 14 by EA Sports and the FIFA 21 team. The promotion will begin on July 16 and will include several exciting new SBCs as well as the possibility of receiving some exceptional players in packs. The first FUTTIES vote, on the other hand, will provide a little pre-launch content for the event before it officially begins. What are they, how do they work, and which one should you pick? Let's take a look at what's going on.

What exactly is FUTTIES?
FUTTIES is a FIFA promotion that takes place on a semi-annual basis and allows players to vote on different categories. Summer Heat was the name of the event in FIFA 20, but it was essentially the same as classic FUTTIES with a few new wrinkles thrown in for good measure. Players cast their votes by selecting one card from a player's choice of two or more cards from a deck of cards. The card that receives the greatest number of votes will be awarded a player SBC that can be completed by everyone. Following the introduction of Showdown SBCs earlier this year, we could see some additional interesting changes that EA is looking to test out ahead of FIFA 22.

The first category up for consideration is a change of position. Players can choose between a left midfielder in the mold of Real Madrid's Dani Carvajal and a central defensive midfielder in the mold of Napoli's Kostas Manolas for this position. Several more votes are expected to be cast throughout the course of the event. For example, last year, EA held votes for weak foot boosts and league upgrades, while FIFA 19 had awards for dynamic dribblers, aerial threats, and other categories to choose from.
How to make coins during FUTTIES eventDuring the FUTTIES event, there will be a large number of new SBCs and unique cards coming back into packs. For example, a certain Team of the Week might only be available for a week or a few days. Carvajal and Manolas, as well as certain SBCs from the End of Area, will very certainly be brought back. What's the best way to earn FIFA coins 21 during the FUTTIES event, and which players should you invest in?The following are the types of players to invest in in order to get FUT 21 Coins through the FUTTIES promo 2021.- When a promotion featuring SBCs is running, there are always a ton of FIFA Coins to be made if you invest in the players who will be necessary for the SBCs in question.- Due to the large number of SBCs that will be made available during the promotion, the price of gold cards rated 83 and 84 is anticipated to climb in the near future.- It is important to invest in 84-rated players who have strong relationships to high-rated players because of their league and nation combination — this allows you to develop hybrids that meet SBC requirements. Investments in the End of an Era are fairly expensive because to the high criteria that the SBCs will almost certainly have, but they are well worth it in the long run.
Which of the FUTTIES nominees should you pick?
While most players should vote for the player who is most likely to benefit their team in general, it appears that this year's voting may include an important wrinkle that should be noted. Previously, these nominee cards were simply loans that couldn't be used in SBCs because they were unsecured. In FIFA 21, it appears that EA is providing players with complete versions of the cards. That means that choosing Carvajal nets you a free 86 OVR card that can be used in SBCs as well.

If that doesn't change, it's difficult to recommend Manolas unless you're desperate for another Serie A player to help solidify your team's foundation. The problem is that he has extremely poor shooting, which means that he will never be able to join your attack unless he receives a significant boost. That isn't a huge problem for a CDM, but it is something to keep in mind when designing one. Carvajal, on the other hand, has already established himself as a capable winger, particularly once he receives a boost in his passing ability. Below you'll find both cards' full player cards, but keep in mind that these will be changed if they win the vote in the next round.

Card Design
As was expected, EA has chosen the traditional bright pink color scheme for their FUTTIES trading cards.

During the course of the tournament, a slew of FUTTIES cards are expected to land in the SBC market, starting with the winner of Carvajal and Manolas' Player Pick competition.

EA has confirmed that the player who receives the greatest number of votes will receive a themed-stats upgrade, which will be made available through the SBC market on Friday, July 16th, 2014.

And, as is customary with EA, a limited number of FUTTIES cards will be made available for free via the Objectives menus.

In recent years, players such as Benjamin Mendy, Ahmed Musa, and Ivan Perisic have made their mark, so expect to see some big names on the field!


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