How to Become Shirtless & Scan Face in NBA 2K22 Next Generation

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How to Become Shirtless & Scan Face in NBA 2K22 Next Generation

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When it comes to NBA 2K22 on next-generation consoles, many players are curious about how to go shirtless and take your shirt off. In an unusual twist, you must actually complete quests in order to earn the right to walk around without a shirt on your back. That's aggravating enough, but on top of that, they changed the rules with the new update, which is even more irritating. This guide will show you how to remove your shirt in NBA 2K22, so read on! [color= rgb(0, 176, 240)] [/color][color= rgb(0, 176, 240)]how to buy mt 2k22[/color][color= rgb(0, 176, 240)]?[/color] is always your first choice.
In NBA 2K22 Next Gen, you can become a shirtless player by following these steps.
In order to go shirtless or remove your shirt in the next-generation NBA 2K22, you must first complete a specific quest. Navigate to the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship and speak with Heather, an NPC who can be found there. She'll most likely be dressed in a blue jacket with a white dress underneath. Simply conversing with her and accepting and completing each quest she assigns you is all that is required of you. When you finally meet her, she will give you the quest "Don't Forget Sunscreen" to complete. It is necessary to win five park games in a row five different times in order to qualify. It will be possible for you to remove your shirt after you have completed this task.

This is the procedure to be followed in order to unlock the shirtless option now that the new update has been released. It used to work in a completely different way before this patch. If they change their minds, I'll explain how becoming shirtless in NBA 2K22 or taking your shirt off used to work. The Career City Quest titled "Take your shirt off" required you to go to the 2K Club and meet a man named ATM in order to complete it. It is he who assigns you the quest, and in order to complete it, you must play 25 2v2 games of any affiliation in order to be granted the privilege of going shirtless. You should now be aware of both methods in case you require them.

The Best Way to Scan Your Face in NBA 2K22 - How to Scan Your Head
It has been causing some confusion among players who are attempting to import their likeness into NBA 2K22 because of the question of how to scan your face in the game. There are a number of factors contributing to this. It takes a long time and is annoying to scan your head into NBA 2K22, which requires you to have the My NBA 2K22 Companion App for iOS or Android in order to complete the process. On top of that, there are a variety of issues that you may encounter throughout the process. To that end, in our NBA 2K22 Face Scan Tips – How to Scan Your Head guide, we'll show you step-by-step how to complete the process with the least amount of stress.

Face Scan Techniques in NBA 2K22 – How to Scan Your Head in the Game
For NBA 2K22, the first step is to download the MyNBA2K22 companion app to your mobile device. This will allow you to scan your head/face in the game. My NBA 2K22 App iOS is already available for Android users, and My NBA 2K22 App iOS should be available for iOS users later today. Sign into the app and select the "Face Scan" option from the drop-down menu. Prior to scanning your face, there are a few things that need to be done to prepare yourself. First and foremost, ensure that the lighting is adequate and that there are as few shadows as possible on your face. Even though natural daylight is preferable, a well-lit room will suffice in most cases. Also, we recommend that you place your phone on a shelf that is at a comfortable face-height and that it is well-supported.

Remove any eyeglasses, hats, or other facial accessories at this point. Look directly into the camera and squeeze your face into the oval as tightly as you possibly can. To ensure that the app captures you from all angles, move your face slowly at 30-degree angles. Basically, all you have to do is follow the directions. In order for the app to scan your face and head in NBA 2K22, it must capture approximately 13 different angles of your face, and it will make a sound when the scan is complete. If you are dissatisfied with the results, you can re-run the scan. If you are satisfied, select "upload images."

Start up the game NBA 2K22. Locate and click on the "Scan your face" button. Continue to wait for the download to complete after clicking on "Check For Head Scan Data."If you want to make any changes to the face scan avatar, simply click on it. In the end, that's really all there is to it. If you do encounter the "We were unable to find head scan data" error message, repeat the scanning process until the problem is resolved.


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